MAY 23, 2024 l 11:30AM ET

What lasting impact on this world do you hope to leave behind? More than just money, many of life’s riches emerge from spending time with family and serving our community. In this episode of EXPLAINED, we’ll explore the multiple meanings of Legacy by discussing things you can do to enrich your life in retirement, how and where to give back to your community and make a difference, and unique ways to put your stamp on that final goodbye.


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Mike Drak

Mike Drak,
Retirement Lifestyle Consultant, HomeEquity Bank

Mike is an author, public speaker and recognized authority on retirement. He has published three best-selling books on retirement, including Longevity Lifestyle by Design, and dedicates his time to help other retirees design a fulfilling, meaningful retirement lifestyle for themselves.

Aleksandra Vasic

Aleksandra Vasic,
Director of Volunteerism, Volunteer Success

Aleksandra is a certified volunteer engagement professional with over 15 years of experience managing volunteer programs in a variety of social service settings. She is currently the Director of Volunteerism at Volunteer Success, a Canadian online platform that connects volunteers to meaningful opportunities and allows organizations to find qualified volunteers.

Calvin Carter

Calvin Carter
Sales Manager for Greater Toronto, Dignity Memorial 

Calvin and his team of dedicated professionals are committed to quality, value, caring service and exceptional customer satisfaction as part of North America’s largest, trusted, provider of funeral, cremation and cemetery services. For Dignity Memorial providers, there is no greater honor than helping to remember a life lived.


Liz West

Liz West has been engaging audiences for over two decades as a television reporter, anchor and host for several networks, including CTV, Citytv, CHCH and Amazon Prime. She has done hundreds of interviews with musicians, actors, newsmakers and politicians, covering everything from arts and culture to news and lifestyle content. She is also a public speaking coach, an author and active member of the Toronto music community. Liz can currently be heard as host of The Afternoon Express, Monday through Friday, on Zoomer Radio.



Senior Discovery Tours
Senior Discovery Tours


Direct Travel - Personalized Experiences


Travel Trends 2024

Travel is good for you, science tells us. Multiple studies show that we are at our happiest when we have a trip planned. In this EXPLAINED program, we explore how best to prepare for a trip, favourite and hot new destinations for group travel, the best ways to get there, including the changing face of cruising, and the growing popularity of immersive experiences, among other trends in travel.


Over the past 50 years, immunizations have saved more lives in Canada than any other health intervention. Ongoing COVID-19 health concerns and recent Measles outbreaks remind us almost daily about the importance of these vaccines, particularly for our most vulnerable. Zoomer Radio’s Liz West sits down with pre-eminent Canadian immunologist Dr. Dawn Bowdish to discuss why COVID-19 is an ongoing health concern and what the updates are for spring, and to explore whether older Canadians should be getting re-immunized against Measles, among other topics in this 45-minute program.



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